Best Self-Defence Tips

Self-defence is something that everyone should know about. It is a skill that is needed today where there are so many criminals running around. No one is really safe anymore and everyone can be potentially victimized by those prowling around to hurt people.

The best thing to do to cope with these uncertain times is to be careful. It is wise to stay clear of places where there is a high incidence of crime. It is wise not to walk out alone at night. By staying clear of the situations where you have a high chance of being victimized you can stay clear of crime.

But no matter how hard you try, criminals would be there waiting. In that kind of situation you would have to act. You would have to protect yourself and in order to assist you in your aim of protecting yourself and your family here are some of the best self-defence ideas that you should keep in mind:

Throw it Away

If a robber approaches you and asks for your wallet, don’t simply hand it to him. You should throw the wallet away and then run in a different direction. Most likely the robber is not interested in catching you if he clearly knows that your money is lying out there somewhere. Just make sure that you throw it away from the direction that you want to go. It might be wise to keep a decoy wallet stuffed with toy money that you can throw away without any loss.

Car Park Caution

The car park is one of the favourite places of criminals to attack. It is usually a dark area which is isolated from crowds. The potential victim can be particularly prone while opening his/ her vehicle. That is why you should be very careful when getting your vehicle in a parking lot. You should always be aware of what’s around you. Never go alone and if possible request for some assistance.

As you approach your vehicle, you should have your car keys ready and open the vehicle and get in as swiftly as you can. You should never give a criminal an opportunity to attack you.

The Stairwell

Avoid using the stairs in old and isolated buildings. This is especially true at night. You should only use the elevator. Stairwells are ideal for committing a crime because it is isolated and no one could hear you from there.

Don’t Be Too Compassionate

Some of the worst criminals get their victims by playing on their compassion and sympathy. They try to pretend that they have some disability and ask for help from strangers. Then they take advantage of the situation. Many serial killers operate in this way. So don’t be too sympathetic because it might get you into trouble. It is okay to take compassion but don’t let allow yourself to become alone with a stranger.

These are just some of the best self-defence ideas that you can use today. Make sure that you share these with your friends and family.