Hate Being Alone?

You are not alone in that sentiment. It is estimated that close to 1/3 of people in the West are living on their own, not to mention those people who live with others but continue being alone (not lonely) for a myriad of reasons and hating or loving it.

Find the Cause

The causes vary. You could feel absolutely misunderstood by important figures in your life or just about by anyone. You just relocated in search for a job and have no one to talk to on any topic close to your heart. You have difficulty mingling at parties with your colleagues and have no wit or charm to enchant a woman to pick her up effectively. Or you choose the internet as the global aloneness network where people log out more often than they truly connect and remain alone, so despite your attempts at locating another soul, you remain secluded.

So You Hate Being Alone?

If you do, the feeling of being trapped alive by an impossible task to detect life in your living room’s area may not be exactly the cause for celebration. Have you polished all the spoons and plates and checked all your emails a thousandth time? Still no msg from anyone waiting for you. You could die in that loneliness of yours and no one would give a darn. Now STOP! You have already gone too far. Even though you could be most willing to admit to have endured a defeat from life, you keep on living, and life has much to offer to you in terms of friendships and real deals. You just need to take a good look around.

Many things will depend on your personality and moods. The duo is bound to make an impressive entry on anyone who is willing to lend you a hand or a sympathetic ear. You do not have to go as far as to rent a friend or like those smiling faces on the facebook’s page to feature your profile, as people come in droves to places offline that you opt for in your spare time. See who comes there and chat them up if only for a moment, you do not have to get to know anyone immediately.

When you choose a meeting place you are typically out of your depth, which is why, it is more recommendable you choose a narrower circle of friends who could reflect back your interests. That would mean that even the shiest people would receive their chance to talk passionately about their own lives and open up to attract other geeks to their little cramped up worlds.

If you have really brilliant ideas how to make a difference to the world, start slow but see what makes you tick. Share that with others and see how it goes from there.