He Is Asking Me out!

The joys of innocent and not so innocent flirting. Those fleeting moments when you realize you are ready for love. And here it comes. And then the question that comes out of the sudden. He is asking you out and you just can’t wait to break the news to everyone who is willing to listen. That nervousness of yours when you try on the best dress, giggling like mad, as if you were 13 again. Or the sweet 16. Perhaps you are about to go on your first date after so many years and you are nervously biting on your nails. Is he going to like the way I look? Will we have things to talk about? Is he more interested in kissing and dragging me to bed too soon? Well, you could be hoping for it secretly, admit it.

Great News!

Those are the moments that should be forever kept in your memory, you think, no matter how old you might be. Your imagination is unstoppable by now. Holding hands, carving your name out in the tree bark and many more to come. Some innocent, some naughty thoughts. Life has just begun and the thrills are just coming in bulk leaving you restless all night.

Is he the right match for me? What will my parents say? Shall we get married or cohabit? Does he like children? Isn’t that the time to buy a lipstick to match that flowery dress of mine and so on? Is he feeling the same way about me? Were we meant for each other? Shall I text him in advance or just lie low?

Tips for Great Romance for Moms and Daughters

A mature woman knows her worth and is not going to sell herself short in any case even if he is asking her out the first time. She realizes that after some time the thrill is going to be gone, and only the true and lasting love can enter, otherwise the relationship is headed towards the grey horizon of disappointment.

A teen girl could be quick-witted enough to know she is considered hot by most boys and she is not going to sell herself short or settle for anything less than what she wants. A royal treatment is expected and natural. At that age boys are hardly mature enough but it may not matter to a teen girl who sees her new object of love as the end in itself. Teen love is typically like this. And as great as the excitement before the date may be, the girl does not want to hear about anything than less perfect than a perfect life with a perfect man.

What would be the tips for a great romance when you are 18 to 100?

  • Enjoy the moments and yourself
  • Expect and demand honesty and truth
  • Make sure you are safe
  • Get carried away
  • Be smarter than him