Important Beneficial Breathing Exercises For Childbirth

In this article, you will be familiar with certain Breathing Exercises For Childbirth a mother need to be familiar with during labor and delivery process.

The process on Preparing for Childbirth can have mixed effects of being excited and scared at the same time. This is why it is important for mothers to overcome their anxieties, try to learn beneficial Breathing Exercises For Childbirth to prepare yourself for one of the most important processes in the childbearing stage.

Why Is Breathing So Important

Breathing Exercises For Childbirth is very effective because it actually helps you relax and manage pain. The ability to control how you breathe properly and use it to overcome the pains of labor pushes your body to greater limits to help the labor and delivery process safer and less stressful.

Lamaze And Bradley Method

The Lamaze is done to manage pain during the delivery process. Taking short and fast inhalations and long inhalations is the key to this method. You need to breathe the hee-hee-hooooo. Hee being the short inhalations and hooooo being the long exhalations gives more oxygen to your bloodstream.

When contractions become stronger, the hee-hee-hoooos become hee-hee-hee-hooooos (three hees) to improve blood flow. Try to practice the Lamaze method at home, or with your significant other as a coach to tell you when to do it during the labor and delivery process.

The Bradley method, unlike the Lamaze does not manage pain but lets you relax between contraction intervals. In this method breathing is to be calm, steady and normal. Use abdominal breathing, and place your breathes in your abdomen. Do not use your chest for breathing. Try to relax your tummy and let it expand in a calm and natural manner as you inhale.

Please take into account that when your cervix is already dilated to 7-10 cm, the rest periods for contractions only last for about one to two minutes. This is the time when the baby is almost ready to come out, and that the labor process is almost over.

The Birth Coach

Another important participant in applying Breathing Exercises For Childbirth is the presence of a Birth Coach. The birth coach is the one that needs to be there to encourage the mother to persevere during labor. It is the Birth Coach that maintains eye to eye contact to the mother to improve her willpower and move on with childbirth. He/she helps tell the mother when to relax, and when to shift two hees to three hees in the Lamaze method of breathing. The coach also tells the mother what is happening at that point; is the uterus contracting? Is the baby close to coming out?

The Birth Coach needs to appear clean and tidy and has to smell good so as not to increase the motherís stress during labor. As the Birth Coach will be doing a lot of talking and coaching, he/she should avoid having bad breath when inside the delivery room. As a Coach one needs to drink plenty of water and keep bathroom breaks to a minimum.

Practicing Breathing Exercises For Childbirth is very important and actually works. The presence of a good Birth Coach increases its potential even more in helping the mother give birth to her child.