Life Isn’t Fair? What Then?

Should you take it by its horns? Have you been struggling way too much against it that you have grown restless and a little wild in your ways? When life isn’t fair, you are feeling as if you were dealt a bad hand and no superhuman effort and nothing at all you do can bring back those dreams you once had and give them a new and true meaning. Is it because you came a cropper yet again and felt the dust in your mouth and eyes? How did it feel? Gasping for air, blindly, as a puppeteer wanting to be released from pain? While you cannot, you marshal other forces, other puppets to help, your anger, your cruelty, your ancestors’ need to win at any price. You stop fighting fair because life has let you down. You thought it would not but it bared its teeth and grabbed you from behind, unsuspectedly.

Your Feelings Are Showing

They reveal your insides and everything. Mostly bitterness. You cannot help it. You tried fighting life, scheming behind its back, riding the wave, bidding, getting a lottery ticket, resisting life’s temptations and plots, avoiding it, getting on with it, and without it. Neither of that has worked for you to your full satisfaction.

When you judge anything in terms of fairness you may see that nothing in life works according to this rule. What is more it is ruled by pure accident and you know it. Even your existence is like this, pure chance, hard work, little money. Can you simply say ’my life is great the way it is and I would not change it for anything?’ How would that sound to your ears? What would make your life a little bit better? A truly satisfying one? Other people, resources, the circumstances, the body? Where would you find those better shores?

Life Is Not Meant to Be Fair

When you reach one stage of fulfillment the ugly hydra of a life raises its head again and brings you new problems to deal with. It grows back time and again, but it starts slow. The ever lasting need to gain more, see more places, meet more people, lose grey hair, regain the lost weight, summon the old friends, rally old troops, peek behind new horizons, is nice and well, and means you lust for life has not yet been concluded. It means that you are feeling for life but you have not quite reached that phase just yet. Or discovered what really matters to you. Or discovered what is going to matter to you in the next 24 hours, or years. Why isn’t life fair? Why can’t I feel satisfied with what I have gained so far? What is keeping me from something I can’t overcome?