My Boss Is An Idiot!!!

That is an oft heard complaint people utter in exasperation whenever their concerted efforts in the work place are shoved down their throats. They could be feeling unappreciated, invalidated or dismissed.

If the criticism at work is publicly directed at you, the odds of shouting out the sentence multiply by a thousand percent.

Poor Management Style Aid Kit

It is close to impossible to choose a boss, but your ability to manage the person’s managerial style, including a slew of underhanded remarks, is crucial to your long term health and survival within that environment. You need to gather up all your resources available if the treatment of the employees is poor.

The Reasons

You can expect virtually anyone to be running a place, from Debbie Downers to Macho Men, with all their virtues and vices. In a word, a toxic boss can truly make a workplace a nightmare come true. Not only that, your boss may be lacking in many departments so he is bound to vent their frustration sooner or later even on some of his most effective and dedicated staff members. That is his style and you are expected to take it or leave it. You will hear it coming from him more often than you wish.

Toxic bosses could actually be great at running a place as everything seems to be progressing smoothly. No criticism or discussion is allowed unless within the scope as delineated by him where you know your place. You are nothing more than a cogwheel and treated accordingly with little respect, despite your expertise, experience and social demeanor.

The Advice

If you are totally bound to the workplace with no alternatives under your belt, then tread carefully. A vicious counterattack will not appease your boss, but will only serve to validate his aggressive tactics towards his employees. Also, observe whether the only team member gets treated this way. If so, it could be the matter of the personal issue. Instead of clashing against the wall, ask for a private conference, addressing the issue with tact. If you have been through that before, you can either grit your teeth and persevere, or quit and look for another job. It happens that with time people change or get worse, and either of the two could happen.

When presenting your point of view, avoid the following mistakes. Choose the best timing when your boss is not under pressure himself. Present your views in the manner that is deliberate and sentiment free. Avoid pointing fingers and focus on your wish to deliver the best job performance. Do not act scared, meek, or bashing. Prepare in advance for various scenarious. If he values your ideas more than you think he will take note. If not, he will show it soon enough. Then you have just made a personal enemy.