Want to End Your Relationship?

Do it right. Seriously. Act like a gentlewoman. Don’t sms to announce this is over, do not employ some underhanded tactics that would show your fears of not being able to handle the partner you have been with for some time. Keep it short and dry. Sms is handy for the immature who don’t want to handle anyone’s tears or pleading, and fear emotions might place on them too much burden to deal with. On the other hand, a chat and open channels of communication may suggest that the other person will take them for granted and attempt to get in touch.

Grievances: Stage One

Get ready for the talk which is what you simply owe your partner unless there has been some painful misconduct on their part, which needs no further discussion. Prove your maturity to yourself only. Although not each and every relationship is going to end this way, in the manner that you best prefer to deliver the news, split up with dignity. Depending on their own levels of maturity, they will go through the stages of denial, indifference, snarkiness or/and acceptance. Voice your grievances and current preoccupation with the current state of affairs. If you fear yet another fight or argument, be ready for it, as you have done it in the past. You are dealing with another human being you have previously hugged and made love to, and, despite any shortcomings and ill will (unless there is abuse, serious or not), show you are serious about your decision and be deliberate about everything.

Still Have Feelings?

It is painful, understandably. It is equally painful, if not more, for another person. Perhaps you are not looking for any piece of advice, just after the feelings have abated, you want to pack your stuff and move out. Then keep it short, but again, do it face to face even if you are uncomfortable with saying goodbyes to people you leave behind. You were comfortable enough to get under their skin, learn their secrets, breathe in their mouth, and you get scared away from the place like a teen. Be your guest, but one day you are going to earn the same treatment from someone you may deeply love and you will know then what it feels like to be treated like a piece of thrash. Have you been through this before already? Then you know the taste of the medicine. You have come to like it? Guess not.

You are about to take care of yourself anyway so spare a few moments for a person to listen to their pleas or rants. Who knows maybe you are in for a nice surprise. We tend to take care of ourselves at all times, and perhaps the closing stage does not need any of that. Perhaps you want only a peace of mind and you wall yourself up to be on the safe side. You can sure do it. Some people leave their dogs behind bound to a tree. Are you lacking in empathy like this? Depending on the other person’s character, pick your way when you want to end your relationship without trampling anyone. Even if you have been trampled on yourself.