Ways to a better life

Everyone dreams of having a better life, some select few have already decided to pursue their goals. We would have to first decide what a better life constitutes. Is it rather about having more money or having a more fruitful or eventful life, filled with joy and laughter? Or a life that is hard and yet utterly satisfying on many levels? What if some of those goals or thresholds cannot be reached? You suddenly reach the stage of enlightenment where you abandon what you cannot absolutely pursue, where you become, unlike previously, an embodiment of disappointment. How to seek solace in those moments where life seems too hard and no help is coming from either side?

Whatever it is

How would you define the moment where you are at without going to the extremes, or perhaps, would you call yourself a prisoner of your mind, of current circumstances and an unhappy person with your life as a whole? To tell you to accept the current state of things would be akin to asking you to reject your dreams and goals. In the times where money is king and relentless attitudes towards one another reign supreme, that particular request would be deemed as non-negotiable and hit at your core.

Is a way to a better life paved with thorns and never-ending mosaic of pain mixed with the lull phases of peace? We are aiming at increasing the pleasure part to the extent where no pain is allowed. Is that what we are after? Even for those lucky few who undergo through such a long period of unmatched glory of life, there is always something behind the corner.

Happiness and its pursuit

A non stop daily grind and undetermined series of mishaps that are interwoven into many people’s lives push their limits to the extreme at times. This is when a change can occur that can reassess their life from scratch and put them on the track towards the unthinkable or the quest for a better life. What are the ways? Each fate is determined separately, and even though, we are all humans, each of us seeks a different means to put ourselves a little higher than before, to reach for the forbidden fruit, reserved only for some privileged few. When you get there you wish sometimes you could have remained where you belonged, where you could appreciate those rare moments of happiness, and do without things that others enjoy, the ones you have always wanted to claim for yourself. Having a dream would allow us to grow a bit more, stretch ourselves some more, but would involve at times too much effort to own in full. With so much pain inflicted on ourselves we are only a step further or closer from the final truth. In the end a better life is any kind of life that you believe to be worth living.