Ways to be more productive

Productivity is a buzzword and a term that comes from too much preoccupation with being maximally proficient in your job. Why would you want to increase pressure while what you should focus on something which is something entirely different from your goal? The aim is not to produce more or increase yours or someone else’s productivity, it is about being more effective about time management and your own goals. Productivity means that you aim to accomplish even more than before with the time factor, reining back your impulsivity and castrating the time wasted browsing and so much more.

Productivity versus time saving ideas

An increased productivity is suggestive of the lemon squeezed dry, a technique used in corporate settings and everywhere else where what matters is the said productivity as if it were a sole reason for anyone’s existence. An increased volume of productivity equals more revenue for the top managers and so the lower level workers are pushed to the boundaries of human capability in order to create more output, and not necesarily anything else. If, on the other hand, you are seeking a way towards a more productive existence because the level at which you function calls totally for improvement then it means you are making all the necessary shots. When you are too way distracted and your attention is slipping instantly or you set some unattainable goals which cannot be met in any way, then you are more than likely to be seeking a golden solution to your problem.

The problem

In the today’s world, attention which is divided between thousands of things is bound to lead to reduced productivity naturally. In order to improve it, why not remove the distractors first and organize things better? It is a funny thing that the more things you have to do the more successful you might be with your daily planner. It takes plenty of discipline to reach that phase. Most of the time, what you have to do is of highest importance but could also be the task that requires most of your concentration on it at hand, so naturally you would say you should push it aside instead of making it claim the spotlight. The ability to prioritize is probably the best and most effective of all things that should govern our daily behavior. Reduced impulsivity is another facet of the problem. As we brush aside things that don’t have to done immediately we are regrouping our options, this is the thing reserved for adults who are maintaining their clear focus on the meat of the issue, instead of getting carried away by some trivia. Here lies the key to improving productivity in the long run.