Ways to be unique

Each of us is unique in a sense that we are all born different to different parents and inherit a different set of temperaments and develop at a varying pace to arrive at a complete and mature identity of a thinking person. In general, most people are simply average with average willingness to grow and become a person of certain social standing. Those who are of major intelligence and skills typically aim to grow and stand out from the crowd by the virtue of their superiority and cultured setting they stem from. They would normally considered themselves more unique than the others. In this world, where each one of us compares to someone else, uniqueness of character and the ways of the mind are variedly assessed by the outside world.

Why be unique?

You could be a solitary person who seeks solace in things that most people don’t find as exemplary or highly thought of. This would take some character to oppose the major trends that most people follow and thus effectively remove yourself from the social scene. Or you would act totally contrary to their expectations and deliver more than anyone would be capable of guesstimating. You would be unique in a sense that no one else would be exactly like you and you would or would not draw much joy out of it. But it does not take much effort to understand that we are totally different from one another and thus unique in so many respects. In fact, you could not ask the world to be less unique and be more like someone else, or perhaps you could but only if you already on the fringes of the society that doesn’t ask for as much as compliance with some basic rules. Therefore if you break any of those silent rules set in stone you are turning more towards the direction of being called a weirdo than a truly distinct and complete personality. Uniqueness takes courage and effort at demonstrating the world your own separate path that could turn winding and peter out in places that no one else but you have ever ventured into. The strength of the character is one thing, the need for uniqueness at a later age is mostly seen as a whim, as turning back around the age of 40 for greener pastures that are gone with the wind of the youth.

Why be unique and stand your ground against the world? To keep to yourself is a neverending struggle for identity. Some people have it this way because they are busy chasing the wind which cannot be bottled or easily marked for otherworldliness. Being unique is to fight for your own spot in the world, which is always a more noble cause than anything else. But with so many fighting for so little is already way too much work.