Ways to be unpredictable in a relationship

You’ve finally felt the tension set in. Perhaps you have felt it come from afar as a giant question mark hanging low over the course of your relationship. The tensions are further fueled by the inexplicable sensation of boredom that sets in more and more often without due explanation. Perhaps you simply know each other inside out and can predict the outcome and behaviors a mile before. Is it why you are seeking ways to excite the person who is lying next to you? Are you fearing for the rocks your union might be headed towards because you are in the stage of total relationship lull? Funnily enough, too much unpredictability is neither a choice to stand by, and what you should actually go for is less of creating suspense but more about creating the right kind of atmosphere, with your sense of humor and that spark in your eyes that says more to the other person than you can imagine.

Other ways

Most probably, it is not about jumping off the plane in a wingsuit, it is more about delivering small and fruitful daily exchanges, comments and behaviors that make the other person feel validated on all accounts. That is one thing, and when you didn’t express much affection beforehand, you could be more active in this respect now that you see some variety is needed. It does not however have to be enough for a relationship to flourish, or even worse, it is just for starters. When you dip down into the matters and the needs of the other party, it could be that your attempts of rousing the sleepy beast of a relationship could be all but misguided if some underlying points are not addressed. Therefore a perceived lack of variety serves only as a reminder that any relationship grows and develops with time and sometimes there is too little room for either one. When you want to make it work you should instead ask yourself and then the partner perhaps what you two want from a relationship like this. Perhaps those people who immediately click and move on to the engagement part know instantly they are made for each other, but with too many doubts and unsolicited questions you would be on the verge of distracting yourself from the ever important issue of whether you two belong in the same union.

Boredom is natural

Even as you know the other and their reactions and feel you are the person who wants the most from this relationship and from life than you have received so far, understand that ocassional boredom with someone is just natural, and sooner or later the repetiveness of it all would dull your senses. This is the vital moment for many couples who split over perceived differences instead of focusing on similarities and waiting for their love to develop into a more mature form. Then no real efforts at maintaining your union are mandatory as the characters that are a perfect match would find a way to regroup and refocus.