Ways to organize

In a rush of every day we are all doomed to missing deadlines and appointments if we don’t clearly set out to plan each of those with some precision that would allow us to make the most of our time, and not fail other people, while, at the same time, not sacrificing too much of our time.

Your day planner

You should be able to prioritize all the tasks for a given day, which naturally flows totally against the need to do away with those minor points first off. Depending on the seriousness and the level of complexity of a given task which you could break into segments in order to reach the resolution more swiftly in a way which you find as more agreeable to fit your particular agenda. The challenge here lies in approaching the task in a structured way, without necessarily shouldering all of it at once, which is unmitigatedly taxing on your available resources such as time and mental energy. Although at times there is no escaping that kind of effort, a continuous mental activity would fare much better if the task is approached more intelligently, where you divide your resources accordingly, without as much as missing a deadline.

The difficulty itself is our natural tendency towards procrastinating about everything that we find unacceptable to our minds. Mental fatigue and the corresponding stress at not being able to prioritize would yield much natural resistance where you share your time between work and play. What kind of person you become if your work becomes a top priority, without much respite gained and luxury of free time is another issue worth exploring.

Sticking hard to set times would be a great and time saving tool if it wasn’t for the afore mentioned proclivity towards not doing what we must.

Be serious and time most of it

How does someone naturally inclined to procrastinate to structure a plan that would allow them to move rapidly towards attaining their goal? It takes more than a character strength or other incentives that would speak to your directly. Losing a reputation if you deem some customers to be patient enough with your fights against your own tendencies. It happens so often than we judge people by what we should also judge ourselves most of the time. Seriousmindedness is particularly difficult in the kind of work we do as freelancers where we set our own deadlines at times and we have to raise to the challenge of meeting them.

Kill the TV and those activities you don’t actually need like checking e-mails, which is an incredibly difficult exercise for those working non stop on their computers. Removing distractions, people around certain times when you do have to complete the job is the best way to remodel your external world. If you are aware that you are seeking a distraction to get your mind off the task then do so. Take a break and return to the task which you don’t find particularly appealing. Follow your gut feeling and then get back on the track.